Pamela ”Pamzy” Tarla

Amapiano, Afrofusion

Pamzy is an award winning dance tutor and performer from Cameroon. She has toured some parts of Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Togo) performing and judging in high level events, concerts and competitions. 

She started dancing when she was just 2 years old and at the age of 5 she attempted an open dance competition in her home town “Limbe” with Brasseries Du Cameroun and won the competition. Dancing to her is “food to the soul” and she does it effortlessly. 

In 2015 she decided to go professional and created an all female dance group (Kamer Great Dancers). They performed in top events/concerts and worked with most A-list artistes in Cameroon. In 2018 they won their 1st international award (Best Dance Crew) at the Ngea Awards USA.

Pamzy came to Finland September 2022 and has graced two big stages (opening performance for Ruger and Ayra Starr) alongside other events. She has been teaching afro styles in dance schools both in Helsinki and Turku. 

Pamzy has over 8 years of experience learning different dance moves across Africa, both old and new school afro dance, ndombolo, amapiano, makosa, bikutsi and azonto. She affiliates also with the Afrofusion genre because she’s comfortable being diverse.